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Stop the madness

I can’t do it anymore.

I just heard that we may have to lockdown again because the “numbers are rising.” No, I won’t keep doing this.

Fifteen days to slow the spread turned into a year. More people have suffered and died from the lockdowns than the virus. 100 million people have been vaccinated. Most everyone else has had the virus and recovered. We are not in the middle of a pandemic anymore, (if there really ever was one) it’s almost over. Yet we are still dealing with this covid paranoid insanity that has become the new normal and made society sicker than the virus does.

Just this week in LA county, which has a population of 10 million people, there were only 366 cases, and 1 death. Think about it…. Please.

This week another family was kicked off of a plane because their two year old won’t keep her mask on. Planes are not, nor have they ever been, a vector of transmission for the virus.

A couple months ago I was sitting in the chair at my hair salon, reluctantly wearing a mask because they say I have to. I’m not sick, nor is anyone else, but that’s the rule. As I eagerly wait for my stylist to work his magic on my hair, I'm watching everyone in the salon acting like this is totally normal and acceptable. It’s not you know.

Just because it’s gone on for a year and it’s been crammed down your throat that it’s necessary to save lives, it is not. It’s not saving anyone, it’s not wiping out the virus, and it’s not a law. Everyone has just turned into the step-ford wives and robotically complied against all logic and reason.

I watched this one stylist wearing a mask and occasionally donning a shield. I couldn’t figure out why. She has a mask on and her client has a mask on. Then she puts on a shield. Then she takes it off. Then she puts it back on, all with the same client. Why? There is no logic or reason for it. It makes absolutely no sense. No one is sick. If the shield is serving any benefit at all, which it’s not in that setting, then why remove it only to put it right back on? Masks have become a virtue signal that somehow makes people feel better. It’s absolutely astonishing to me.

A couple weeks ago as I was sitting among fellow believers in Jesus Christ, some of them were wearing masks and some not. I am honestly bewildered by those wearing masks because of the setting we are in. We are in a church. No one is sick but some are in masks. I know that the message of masks has been crammed down everyone’s throat for a year. You honestly can’t escape it, at least in most places, it’s all over the news and even in commercials. It’s believed and practiced blindly by most everyone without logic or reason. It is just because we’re told.

I see masks on faces that are ill fitting with gaps around the cheeks and sitting below the nose and they’re made of cloth material that certainly does not stop Covid, much less a sneeze or cough. I see people who have become robots following illogical, irrational, arbitrary rules of wearing a face covering that is undignified and purposeless, just because they have adopted the myth that it’s protecting others.

As they talk among themselves, some wearing a mask, some not, some take the mask off, then put it back on, and they fiddle with it trying to keep it in place. If we all just stopped and took a step back and remembered how we once lived, before covid, and really look at what is happening among us, I doubt anyone could actually make any sense of this. Once again, no one in this room is sick, no one is coughing or sneezing, there is a lot of conversation and laughing, and some sitting close to others. There is absolutely no logic to any one of these people wearing a mask in this setting.

I know I can’t judge a person‘s heart and I need to extend grace to people with different beliefs and levels of faith, but I do also need to exercise discernment and apply wisdom and sound judgment to circumstances and decisions that people make and those who are asking me to comply with them.

I can’t help but question the faith and trust of some who believe that Jesus Christ is Lord of all, who also think wearing a mask in this setting makes any sense.

Is God not sovereign and in control of our health and our life and death? Where is the faith, courage and trust that God is the great physician, the creator of heaven and earth, who is Lord of all, who controls the wind and the waves, who raises the dead? Where is the trust and faith that He has numbered our days and that we can’t die before our time? How does any of this behavior make any sense for a child of God?

I’m so bewildered, so weary, so sad and even mad that this irrational fear and ridiculous over reaction is still going on.

Recall these images:

  • People walking, driving or doing anything alone, wearing a mask. What is the point? There’s no one around. Who is going to infect who?

  • Family, who live together, out and about town wearing masks. They live together. They are well acquainted with each others germs, so why are they wearing masks when they’re just with each other? Don’t tell me that it's because they might walk by a stranger. If you keep six feet apart from passers by then it shouldn't matter. No one is sick, so why the masks?

  • TV Commercials are showing people wearing masks, walking down the street, and in their home with family and friends, as if it’s now supposed to be a normal way of life. No one is sick, so why the masks?

  • Football games. Some of the team wear masks, and some don't. Why the inconsistency? If they work so good then why doesn't everyone have them on? Announcers and reporters, all by themselves wearing a mask, why?

  • We have to wear a mask entering a restaurant but as soon as we sit down we can take them off. How is covid so dangerous walking through the restaurant but not when we’re talking, laughing and eating at the table?

  • Biden, at the desk in the oval office, wearing a mask, and no one is near him. Why the mask? It would seem to me that the oval office is one of the safest, cleanest places of all, and he got the vaccine. He’s not sick. No one is near him. Why the heck is he wearing a mask!? Because he is a lying, manipulative, corrupt politician trying to control you by fear, and you’re falling for it.

I see so many people on social media with their family and friends wearing masks. Again, you know these people, you spend time regularly with them, no one is sick, why are you wearing masks? And, for God’s sake why are you putting masks on your child?! Have you not read the statistics? Children are the least likely to get or spread the stupid virus.

Last but not least, every one of your masks that I see don’t even fit your face. They are loose fitting, with gaps all around, falling down under your nose, and you’re constantly touching it with your dirty hands. How is that keeping any germs out or in?

I challenge you to prove that masks are actually necessary and protecting anyone from covid. I know many people who wear masks and got covid. I know many people who don’t wear masks and haven’t gotten covid. Everyone I know who has gotten covid, recovered. I don’t know anyone who has died. I know you know people who have died, and that’s sad. It’s always sad when anyone dies for any reason, but that doesn’t mean we have to live in fear or live behind a mask for the rest of our lives. Seriously people. Look back over history. Look at all we have been through and overcome, and survived.

I avoid wearing a mask as much as possible, and I know many people who do the same. I only wear one when I absolutely have to; at work, entering a restaurant, and getting my hair done. I don’t wear one shopping or anywhere else. I have to wear it at work or I can’t work. I like my job so I comply. I wear it entering a restaurant because they won’t let me in otherwise and I’m hungry so I relent momentarily. I wear it to get my hair done because I can’t do my hair color, cut and style the way he does.

So, there I am in the chair wearing a mask that he will of course have to work around to apply my hair color, wash, cut and dry. He of course is also wearing a mask, but his reasons are different than mine. He listens to a different voice than I do. He, like so many, believes the propaganda that the cloth over his nose and mouth actually serves some benefit. Even though neither of us is sick. I get tested for covid once or twice a week so I know I don’t have it, not to mention I have no symptoms. I'm perfectly healthy, and so is he. So why we’re required to wear a mask is beyond me.

No, I don’t believe that I could be asymptomatic and still infect someone. That is simply not true. I do not, nor will I swallow the lie that I could make someone sick or kill someone because I’m not wearing a mask. That is ludicrous. My own doctor at the very beginning of all this ridiculous overreaction to a 99.8% recoverable and highly treatable virus said, as Dr. Fauci said in the beginning, that masks are not only unnecessary but they do not stop the spread of this virus. The only mask that can help in stopping covid, no guarantee, is the N95 or KN95 mask. Those are the ugly, bulky white ones that no one wants to wear because they're not stylish enough. All the other fancy, fashion statement masks, that loosely lay on your face are just for show. They may reduce the amount of droplets from your sneeze and cough from reaching others but they do not stop all of your germs, nor do they protect against covid. Those surgical masks don’t stop covid either.

Where has logic and reason gone? We have not stopped the flu, even with ever evolving vaccines, and we will not stop covid. Eventually we are all going to get it, and we will have different reactions just like we do with the flu. Some will get sick, some more severe than others. Some will die. It’s always been this way. We cannot eradicate all sickness and we can’t prevent death. It comes to us all.

When are we going back to exercising reason, and faith? When are we going to muster courage and conviction that God is in control of our health, life and death?

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