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For The Believer

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

We live one of two ways: by faith or by fear. You might say, I don’t live by fear. Yet how often do we shrink back from boldly proclaiming our faith in Jesus because we fear what others will think or say? How often do we choose our own way of thinking and doing over obedience to God’s Word? Jesus was not ashamed to boldly proclaim His love for us when He hung on a cross, to be humiliated and die for our sins. How about we commit to enduring a little ridicule for being a faithful follower of Jesus, and fearlessly tell the world how much we are loved by Him?

Beloved of God, you have the resurrection power of Christ in you. You are saved from sin and death. You have the gift of eternal life. You have the gift of faith and the calling to boldly proclaim His amazing saving grace. His perfect love casts out fear. That's something worth talking about; much more than our workouts and what we’re eating.

Believer, show your love, declare your faith, go tell the world what Jesus has done for you. They need to hear it. Not only on Sunday, but everyday, may we fearlessly walk worthy of the calling with which we were called, making known the beautiful name of Jesus.

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