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Freedom is not perfection

We strive, seeking perfection. We crave to be liked, to be known. We live in fear for the approval of men and women more than a desire for intimacy and union with God. We compete, we compare, we stress and put terrible pressure on ourselves and others to keep up, to measure up. We think when we have the perfect house, the perfect spouse, the perfect job, the perfect body, biceps, six pack abs, and a thigh gap, I'll be happy, fulfilled and free. But that's not freedom, that's bondage.

We weren't made to keep up, to compare, to compete, to strive or to be "perfect," were made to be free, free to love God and free to love others the way He loves us, and to set others free.

We are fearlessly and wonderful made by God for a purpose to glorify Him.

In Christ alone we are free, free from sin and death, free from the past, free from guilt, shame, fear, and inadequacy. Free from vain and futile efforts to keep up and be perfect. In Christ we are complete. In Christ we are perfect because His is perfect and He is enough.

You are free, be who you already are...

If you need encouragement and help breaking out of your chains and walking in freedom, get in touch with me. I'd love to help you discover God's power to change your life, be brave and live.

(note about the video: I used to get annoyed when I saw pictures and videos of people in their cars. I would think to myself, what are you doing? Don't you have an office or home you could be doing that in? And yet here I am making a video in my car because that's when the inspiration came to me. And I realized that is when inspiration comes, when you're driving, deep thoughts and profound prayers come to you and you really feel the need to share them before you forget. So I get it now and I won't be annoyed anymore by other people in their cars taking videos and pictures, but just not while you're driving please. And how about if we take fewer selfies and capture more moments with others. ;)

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