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Come in out of the cold...

“Jesus opens his arms to his needy children and says, “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.”

~Matthew 11:28

The criteria for coming to Jesus is weariness. Come overwhelmed with life. Come with your wandering mind. Come messy.

What does it feel like to be weary? You have trouble concentrating. The problems of the day are like claws in your brain. You feel pummeled by life. What does heavy-laden feel like? Same thing. You have so many problems you don’t even know where to start. You can’t do life on your own anymore. Jesus wants you to come to him...”

~Paul Miller, A Praying Life

Come to Jesus you who are needy, weary, heavy burdened, overwhelmed, wandering, and hopeless. Come to the only one who can help and restore you. Come and find hope, healing, rest and revival for all thats dead in you and your world.

If you need encouragement and help finding your way, call or email me now. I'd love to help you find the peace and rest you're aching for.

Yours in abundant life,


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