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What's it all mean really?

While driving to the store today I was listening to Christmas music because its that time of year and I really like Christmas music. Well I like the music thats really about Christmas, not this new fangled stylized stuff thats been created because some people don’t like Christmas music and feel the need to change it up and make it better because they’re bored with the old fashioned stuff. If I hear Last Christmas by George Michael one more time I think I’ll scream and don’t get me started on Mariah Carey’s song All I want for Christmas is you. I’m just gonna be brutally honest here and say I hate those songs. The songs, not the people. George and Mariah are talented singers yes, I just wish they used their talent for something more meaningful, rather than glorying themselves and hopeless messages. I’m so sick of how overplayed those songs are and they have nothing to do with Christmas. Yet they seem to rule Christmas music these days. Why is that? What ever happened to the classic Christmas songs that empathize what Christmas is really all about?

Do you forget? Christmas means Christ-mas, more Christ, not Santa, not trees, not jingle bells, not presents, not depressing songs about lost loves or people whom you want. For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given, His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Emmanuel which means God with us, Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins. Thats what Christmas is all about.

I see and hear every year people who are depressed at Christmas time because of a painful past, broken families, and memories around Christmas that are unpleasant and it breaks my heart. I can relate to a painful past, a broken family and lonely holidays, it’s sadly common to many. However I choose to celebrate and rejoice in Christmas and more importantly in Christ because He has made all things new. He saved me from my sins, He saved me from the powers of satan and from hell. He healed all my painful wounds, He restored my brokenness, He took away all my loneliness and depression, He answered all my questions and fulfilled all the longings of my heart, He ended all my searching and seeking for purpose and significance.

You see when you know Jesus, when you truly understand the gospel, you realize that no matter what you’ve experienced in your past, no matter whats happening in your life now, good, bad or ugly, Jesus has already experienced it all, and He’s already overcome and conquered the circumstances you find devastating. Jesus makes it all make sense and His promises and purposes lessen the impact of the condition and circumstances you find yourself in.

When you know Jesus you can really have peace in all circumstances, you can really count it all joy when you face various kinds of hardships, temptations and suffering.

I know it’s hard to believe and but it really is true. God’s promises are more dependable and reliable than anything or anyone. I know because I’m a living proof that you can go from devastating despair to immense life changing hope and joy.

This Christmas do something different, try doing less of the obsessive crazy shopping, wrapping, and decorating, and try doing more believing, trusting, following and loving Jesus, and loving the people He puts in your life.

I assure you, you’ll have the most peaceful blessed Christmas and life ever, if you do.

Merry Christmas!

Yours in abundant life,


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