• Mara Petro

Moments Matter

There are only moments, live in this one.

Life is a collection of moments, from a single moment to a series of moments. Moments that serve to fill our senses with every conceivable emotion to teach us about life, about people, about our purpose for being and what really matters.

Through our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin, mind, and heart these moments leave indelible impressions on us. Memories, lessons, beliefs, convictions, hopes, dreams, joy, sadness, excitement, anger, resolve, determination, etc., have all been formed and fused in us to forge our character.

Moments define us. Moments define our life. Whether they be pleasant or unpleasant they are the sum of our life and we have a choice to learn and there by grow from them.

I believe there is no unique experience to anyone but that we all share the same struggles in life, the same challenges, trials, temptations, heartache and joy. These things are a part of everyone's life and we have a choice to become better people or bitter people from our experiences. I will always choose better.

My joy and happiness comes ultimately from the Lord and He inspires me through people and circumstances and those moments I stop to listen and learn from a sunset, a flower, a walk, a workout, a conversation, a hug and the love that He so lavishly bestows to me through it all.

Life's challenges and busyness have a way of becoming all consuming and stealing our joy. As I purpose in my heart not to take for granted even one moment but rather to take in and enjoy every moment as though it were my last, I want to encourage others to do the same.

Let's purpose to be thankful and grateful, loving and kind, patient and forgiving and most of all remember that every breath we breathe is a gift of God. Allow this to resonate in your soul and allow God to have His perfect work be done in you.

There are only moments, live in this one.

This all came to me as I was flying one day. I was done with work so I was a passenger, sitting back and relaxing as the plane took off. The sun was setting, which was something I rarely got to see while working as a flight attendant believe it or not. Some of my San Diego friends used to send me photos of sunsets because they know how much I love them and missed them. When I was working on the plane I didn't get the same view that the passengers had so it was a rare treat to actually see the beautiful views from flight.

I was relaxing listening to music, looking out the window admiring the view, and it hit me, how rare is this moment. Actually being able to sit back and relax and take in the view. I miss this, I need this I said to myself. As I was listening, watching and reflecting, my mind and heart were flooded with memories, hopes and ideas of the future and I was comforted and inspired.I thought to myself I need to write about this and share it with others in the hope that it might encourage them the way it has me.

So here it is again...

There are only moments, live in this one!


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