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Moments Matter

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

There are only moments. Live in this one.

As the plane lifted off the runway, I retreated into my window seat. The sun was setting. I rarely saw it when I was working. Friends from San Diego used to send me photos of sunsets because they knew how much I loved and missed them. 

When I was a flight attendant, I didn't get the same view as the passengers because my focus was on them. Serving drinks and snacks, making sure their seat belts were on, tray tables stowed, bags put away, and electronic devices shut down in preparation for landing.

I enjoyed being a flight attendant. Considered it a great privilege. I worked on the smaller planes where I was the only flight attendant on board. It made me feel very important because I was responsible for the safety of fifty people. I loved it and took it seriously.

I wonder how many people realize that flight crews are required to risk their lives to protect the safety of each flight. I gladly accepted this responsibility. 

We worked long days and long nights. My longest day was roughly 16 hours. It involved a variety of stresses. Weather, mechanical, crew, and passenger delays.

Working for an airline is a mixed bag of emotions that wore me out in good ways and bad ways.

So, when I was off work, flying back to base, I melted into my window seat. Took off my red, white, and blue scarf, put my earbuds in to recharge with the sounds of Mercy Me, and soaked up the gorgeous rays of the setting sun.

Every time I watch the sunset or sunrise, I’m awestruck. I think of God because it's His handiwork. His beauty never ceases to amaze me. 

Relaxing, listening, and admiring the changing colors of the sky it hit me. How rare is this moment? To sit back, relax, and take in the view. I miss this. I need this. 

Memories of home, Zach, Montana, and decisions that led me here flooded my mind and heart. Hope and dreams of the future carried me away.

I was comforted and inspired by this simple moment. I thought I need to write about this and share it with others and hope that it encourages them the way it has me.

So, I did. 

Life is a collection of moments, from a single moment to a series of moments.

Moments that fill our senses with every conceivable emotion that teach us about life, about people, about our purpose for being, and what matters most. 

Through our experiences, our senses collect these moments and leave indelible impressions on us. Moments become memories and lessons. They form beliefs, convictions, and resolve that forge our character. 

Moments define us. Moments define our life. Whether they are pleasant or unpleasant they are the sum of our life. We have a choice to learn and grow from them.

I believe there is no unique experience for anyone but that we all share the same struggles, temptations, heartaches, and joys. These are part of everyone's life, and we have a choice to become better or bitter from them. I choose better. 

My joy comes from the Lord. He inspires me through His word and people, and through those moments when I stop to listen and learn from a sunset – a song - a flower - a walk - a conversation - a hug - and the love He so lavishly bestows on me through each one.

Life's challenges and busyness have a way of becoming all-consuming and stealing our joy. I purpose in my heart not to take for granted even one moment but rather to take in and enjoy every moment as though it were my last. I encourage you to do the same.

I purpose to be thankful, loving and kind, patient, and forgiving, and most of all remember that every breath I breathe - every moment - is a gift from God.

I pray this resonates with your soul. I pray you will allow God to have His perfect work be done in you, and the next time you are rushing around, or being interrupted - remember –

There are only moments. Live in this one!

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