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Happiness is an inside job. If you're not happy now, you never will be. If you're not able to find happiness in the here and now then you won't be happy be later, because happiness is not about being in ideal circumstances.

Happiness is not what you're missing from the past or longing and hoping for in the future. If you're not happy now don't look to a change of circumstances to make you happy because it's not found there...

Happiness, real true deep down happiness and contentment is not about what you have or don't have. Happiness is a present state of mind and a position of the heart that comes from knowing God and being in a right relationship with him, regardless of what you have or don't have.

I'm a California girl but I don't live in California anymore and yet I'm still very happy, more happy than I've ever been in my whole life because it's not about where I'm living, it's about who I'm living for. My life has radically changed over the years. I've been through all kinds of trials and tribulations and a lot of the pain and suffering I brought on myself because of stupid decisions I made out of "feeling unhappy". But it all served a purpose to make me into the person I am today, to be useful for God.

You see I used to think happiness did come from "ideal circumstances". I thought things being the way I thought they should be or people being the way I thought they should be would make me happy.

What I didn't realize then, that I do know very well now, is that life is not about me and my happiness. It's not. Life really is all about Jesus and his love that he has for everyone. I know, I know, you're thinking, there she goes again being all religious and preaching Jesus. But I'm not religious, that's the last thing I am, and the reason I talk about Jesus so much is because I know with every fiber of my being that He is the Savior and hope of all mankind. I have been convinced beyond any doubt that He truly is the way, the truth, and the life, and there is no happiness this side of heaven, no purpose or meaning or significance to life without Jesus. I know this because I tried other things and they always left me wanting, hurting, empty and unhappy.

When you truly understand this, when you truly understand your place and your purpose in life, then no matter what is going on in your life you will be happy and content.

There is nothing this side of heaven that can truly fulfill us, there's nothing that can truly fulfill all of our hearts longings and desires and hopes and dreams in this world. All that stuff everyone is searching and grasping and groping for to satisfy them cannot be found here, nor in any other person on this planet.

Only in God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth, creator of each and everyone of us and everything in this planet, the sovereign Lord of all, the Savior of our souls, who knows you better than you or anyone else can ever know you, is happiness found.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain more than you could ever hope or imagine if you just taste and see that the Lord is good.

Want to learn more about how you can achieve true happiness and contentment in life?  Get in touch with me...I'd love to encourage you.

The champion of your happiness,


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