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About Me: About Me

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story—
those He redeemed from the hand of the enemy. Psalm 107:2


Mara Petro

My story is a cautionary tale of looking for love in all the wrong places, having an abortion, and committing adultery. But God chose to save, forgive, and redeem me.

My life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness. I'm a wife, mom, grandma, life coach, writer, and speaker, advocating for pre-born children and abundant life in Christ.

I'm passionate about God’s Word and live to tell everyone about His redeeming love and the transforming power of believing that Jesus is enough.

I provide individual and group coaching to help women find hope and healing in Jesus Christ.  I speak at the Abundant Life Women's Gathering with my ministry partner Melissa Dykman where we come together to worship God and help one another grow in Christ through testimony, Bible teaching, and discipleship. 

About Me: Testimonials
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